Learn about 27 issues which your multicultural students might bring to their Yoga class.
Moving to a new country is inherently stressful, and cross-cultural adaption comes with many ups and downs. I believe that Yoga is the most effective tool to manage this stress if it is taught with cultural and linguistic sensitivity. These two skills make up your cultural IQ.
Take the next step to increase your cultural IQ!
Dive right in and refer to this e-booklet as you are planning your classes!
You can read it from the beginning to the end (like you would read any book), or you can start off with any chapter that might apply to your teaching day or a particular student, or when you feel a bit stuck in your class preparation you may pick it up as a reminder of what to consider when you teach yoga to speakers of other languages. 

Each of the 27 teaching tips will be one step towards culturally safer and linguistically more effective Yoga classes. Add it to your Yoga library today!

(Pages: 36)
(Word count: about 4000)

The concise A-Z to teaching Yoga


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