28 lesson plans (over 108 teaching English as a Second Language hours)

  • Lesson plans on
    • Introduction to Yoga: What is Yoga?, Yoga is for everybody!, Alignment, Styles of Yoga, What are the Chakras?
    • The Chakras: The root chakra, The life chakra, The self-confidence chakra, The heart chakra, The throat chakra, The perception chakra, The lotus chakra
    • The eight limbed path: What is the eight limbed path?, The Yamas, The Niyamas, Asana – Yoga postures, Pranayama – Yoga breath, Mindfulness Practices, Enlightenment, Lifestyle, Ayurveda – the science of life, Air, Fire, Earth
      The Bhagavad Gita, Living Yoga
    • Anatomy – the body: Yoga anatomy, Stress and the body, Subtle body anatomy
  • All lesson plans include reading, writing, conversation, grammar, vocabulary exercises and mindfulness/meditation activities and peer teaching activities.
  • Recommended ESL level: intermediate/advanced

ESL Yoga Study Book

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