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Dear Yoga teacher, dear English teacher, dear English student. 

I know what it's like when you're looking for teaching resources or ways to improve your English that are interesting and effective! 

I also know what it's like when you want to teach or learn about Yoga and English at the same time, but cannot find any resources for it. 

For years, I was looking for a well-structured and comprehensive curriculum to integrate Yoga into teaching English as a Second Language or help my students to teach Yoga in English by learning clear and accurate "cuing", the vocabulary to teach Yoga classes. 

If you're ready to embark on an exciting teaching and learning journey, then have a look at my ebooks

May they inspire your work, your students and your studies. 


Namaste, Martina Bell 

ESL Yoga Study Book

ESL Yoga Study Book

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My class (and I) loved It! They thought it was really interesting and they all felt super relaxed when we went back to class. I also appreciate how to related yoga to what were talking about in class.

Lily, ESL teacher

It was my first time to try Yoga today, but I had a great time with you!! I will go to ESL class on next Friday

Megumi, Japan

Thanks so much for the great yoga class we all really enjoyed it, and I admire your gentle teaching style.

Betsy A., Community Development, Capilano University

Thanks for the Yoga class you did with my class on Wednesday morning. I know the students really enjoyed it (as did I)!

Veronica, ESL teacher

I had a great time last night. Thank you so much. You are a wonderful instructor. I like your ESL Yoga class. If I have a time off I will joy your class again.

Pla, Thailand

Thanks so much for coming to our class today. We all learned a lot about yoga and how it can be adapted to our level of mobility. You really have a wonderful gift of being able to teach the health benefits of doing yoga to the students successfully.

Carol Bond, ESL teacher, New Westminster

I got home from class and I wanted to write to thank you again for doing this wonderful lesson for our students! It was a great opportunity for all of us! All the participants were impressed and we had an extremely good time. I think you did such a great job with us, explaining the ABC’s of Yoga!! That’s what we all needed!

Claudia, ESL teacher, Burnaby

We are so grateful for the work you’ve done in our cross-cultural mental health program. You’ve also done such an excellent job with the booklet you provided.

Norma S., Vancouver Coastal Health

I had a great time, enjoyed Yoga and met new friends!!

I also wanted to say that I was inspired in every class with you. The topic you chose seemed to fit in with my life perfectly. So, I believe that going to Yoga for the month of May was meant to be.

Miya, Japan

I heard from another teacher that your class was very well received.

Betsy A., Community Development, Capilano University

I asked my co-workers’ for feedback this morning and the consensus was unanimous: you did a wonderful job jelating Yoga to the children and adults. The students have asked for repeats!

Phyllis, ESL teacher

I really like Yoga and Martina

Junko, Japan

It was very enjoyable for me!! It relaxed me! I’m going to go again!

Hiroko, Japan

Martina!! Thanx for today! I enjoyed doing yoga and talking with you ^^!

Aily, Japan

Sujin, Korea

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